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Note from the Webmaster: Special Issue on Immunization Supply Chain Issues

Tuesday, 4th of April 2017 Print

Note from the Webmaster

This month, Vaccine has run a special supplement on immunization supply chain issues, with 31 articles on this subject. You can access them at


or on this webpage.

The origins of the vaccine cold chain and a glimpse of the future

Vaccine stockouts around the world: Are essential vaccines always available when needed?

Transforming cold chain performance and management in lower-income countries

Immunization supply chains: Why they matter and how they are changing

Is freezing in the vaccine cold chain an ongoing issue? A literature review

No product, no program: The critical role of supply chains in closing the immunization gap

The potential of next-generation supply chains to ease DRCs “Casse-tête”

Professional changes induced by a redesigned immunization supply chain in the Comé Health Zone, Benin

Equity and immunization supply chain in Madagascar

System redesign of the immunization supply chain: Experiences from Benin and Mozambique

When technical achievements are not enough: Lessons learned from efforts to catalyze policy action on supply chain in Senegal

Preliminary results from direct-to-facility vaccine deliveries in Kano, Nigeria

Vaccine Vial Monitor availability and use in low- and middle-income countries: A systematic review

Understanding the policy environment for immunization supply chains: Lessons learned from landscape analyses in Uganda and Senegal

The people factor: An analysis of the human resources landscape for immunization supply chain management

Costing analysis and anthropological assessment of the vaccine supply chain system redesign in the Comé District (Benin)

Improving iSC performance through outsourcing – Considerations for using third-party service providers to increase innovation, capacity and efficiency

Doses per vaccine vial container: An understated and underestimated driver of performance that needs more evidence

Seizing market shaping opportunities for vaccine cold chain equipment

Innovations in cold chain equipment for immunization supply chains

Who is preparing the next generation of immunization supply chain professionals?

Extending supply chains and improving immunization coverage and equity through controlled temperature chain use of vaccines

When are solar refrigerators less costly than on-grid refrigerators: A simulation modeling study

Root cause analysis underscores the importance of understanding, addressing, and communicating cold chain equipment failures to improve equipment performance

Assessing stability and performance of a digitally enabled supply chain: Retrospective of a pilot in Uttar Pradesh, India

Making the leap into the next generation: A commentary on how Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance is supporting countries supply chain transformations in 2016–2020

Transforming vaccines supply chains in Nigeria

Exploring new packaging and delivery options for the immunization supply chain

Experiential and authentic learning approaches in vaccine management

Improving cold chain systems: Challenges and solutions

National logistics working groups: A landscape analysis study


Good reading.

Anthony Kaguimah
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