Malaria Items, 2018 to date

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Malaria Items, 2018 to date

Please see below, in declining order by readership, the items on malaria posted to since January 2018.

Items 3, 4 and 13 discuss treatment of falciparum malaria. Items 9 and 12 discuss artemisinin based therapies. Item 5 discusses malaria vaccines.

Item 14 covers the discovery by Sir Ronald Ross of the mosquito as the vector of human malaria.

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  1. Infant and child mortality in relation to malaria transmission in KEMRI/CDC HDSS, Western Kenya: validation of verbal autopsy


  1. Community-based malaria control in southern Malawi: a description of experimental interventions of community workshops, house improvement and larval source management.


  1. DSM 265: A novel drug for single-dose cure of P. falciparum malaria


  1. Drugs that reduce transmission of falciparum malaria


  1. Malaria Vaccines: Recent Advances and New Horizons.


  1. Screening of a library of traditional Chinese medicines to identify anti-malarial compounds and extracts.


  1. A renewed focus on preventing malaria in pregnancy


  1. Professor Barry V.L. Potter: Winner of the 2018 Tu Youyou Award in Honor of the Co-Recipient of the 2015 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for Her Discoveries Concerning a Novel Therapy against Malaria.


  1. Efficacy of two artemisinin-based combinations for the treatment of malaria in pregnancy in India: a randomized controlled trial.


10.  Land-use patterns and their implication on malaria transmission in Kilosa District, Tanzania.


11.  Environmental health risks and benefits of the use of mosquito coils as malaria prevention and control strategy.


12.  Reduction of malaria prevalence after introduction of artemisinin-combination-therapy in Mbeya Region, Tanzania: results from a cohort study with 6773 participants.


13.  High efficacy of artemether-lumefantrine and dihydroartemisinin-piperaquine for the treatment of uncomplicated falciparum malaria in Muheza and Kigoma Districts, Tanzania.


14.  Sir Ronald Ross and the Discovery that Mosquitoes Transmit the Malaria Parasite


15.  Housing type and risk of malaria among under-five children in Nigeria: evidence from the malaria indicator survey.


16.  Framework for Evaluating the Health Impact of the Scale-Up of Malaria Control Interventions


17.  Severe malaria and death risk factors among children under 5 years at Jason Sendwe Hospital in Democratic Republic of Congo.


18.  Malaria elimination in Indonesia: Halfway there


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