Recent Items on Cholera and Cholera Vaccination

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Recent Items on Cholera and Cholera Vaccination

Please see below, in descending order by readership, the items on cholera which have appeared on since 1 January 2018.

Since the appearance of oral cholera vaccine, with products now prequalified from India, South Korea, and Sweden, much work has appeared on OCV both as a stand-alone intervention and as part of a larger cholera control strategy.

For the general reader, a good point of departure is Mintz’s discussion article, “Taking aim at cholera,” item 3.

WHO’s 2017 position paper on OCV, accessible at states that “mass vaccination campaigns are the most practical option for delivering OCVs.”

Items 7 and 8 discuss results of single dose OCV campaigns.

Item 1 reviews economic evaluations of OCV, especially as used in mass vaccinations.

Items 6 and 9 both discuss cholera surveillance and epidemiology in the Yemen. Item 11, from the Pan African Medical Journal, points out the importance of hand washing with soap in a report from northern Nigeria.

Item 12 discusses the relative merits of one- and two-dose regimens of OCV. The same topic is covered in a meta-analysis at


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  1. 1.      Global economic evaluation of oral cholera; vaccine: A systematic review


  1. 2.      Feasibility and costs of a targeted cholera vaccination campaign in Ethiopia.


  1. 3.      Taking aim at cholera


  1. 4.      Socioeconomic drivers of vaccine uptake: An analysis of the data of a geographically defined cluster randomized cholera vaccine trial in Bangladesh.


  1. 5.      Cholera Epidemic in South Sudan and Uganda and Need for International Collaboration in Cholera Control


  1. 6.      Cholera epidemic in Yemen, 2016-2018: An analysis of surveillance data


  1. 7.      Cholera control: One dose at a time


  1. 8.      Efficacy of a single-dose regimen of inactivated whole-cell oral cholera vaccine: Results from 2 years of follow-up of a randomized trial


  1. 9.      Untangling the causes of the 2016-2018 cholera epidemic in Yemen


10.  Protection from killed oral cholera vaccine continues for 4 years


11.  Cholera outbreak in a naïve rural community in Northern Nigeria: the importance of hand washing with soap, September 2010.


12.  Protection of young children with cholera vaccine


13.  Long-term effectiveness of one and two doses of a killed, bivalent, whole-cell oral cholera vaccine in Haiti: An extended case-control study