Items on Male Circumcision, 2018 to Date

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Items on Male Circumcision, 2018 to Date

Please see below, ranked by viewership, items on male circumcision to appear on in 2018. While most items are from Africa, there are also items from Indonesia (item 1), Papua New Guinea (10), Texas (12), Thailand (13), Poland (16), and China (17).

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  1. Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision to Prevent HIV in Tanah Papua, Indonesia: Field Trial to Assess Acceptability and Feasibility.


  1. What device would be best for early infant male circumcision in east and southern Africa? Provider experiences and opinions with three different devices in Kenya.


  1. Acceptability and feasibility of early infant male circumcision for HIV prevention in Malawi


  1. Scale-Up of Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision Services for HIV Prevention - 12 Countries in Southern and Eastern Africa, 2013-2016.


  1. Effect of male circumcision on risk of sexually transmitted infections and cervical cancer in women


  1. Obtaining a male circumcision prevalence rate of 80% among adults in a short time: An observational prospective intervention study in the Orange Farm township of South Africa


  1. Use of the ShangRing circumcision device in boys below 18 years old in Kenya: results from a pilot study.


  1. Evidence that promotion of male circumcision did not lead to sexual risk compensation in prioritized Sub-Saharan countries


  1. Geographic Coverage of Male Circumcision in Western Kenya


10.  Re-establishing safer medical-circumcision-integrated initiation ceremonies for HIV prevention in a rural setting in Papua New Guinea. A multi-method acceptability study.


11.  CDC Male Circumcision Recommendations Represent a Key Public Health Measure


12.  Why are we cutting? A Survey of Cultural Views on Circumcision in the Texas Panhandle


13.  Physicians´ and nurses´ thoughts and concerns about introducing neonatal male circumcision in Thailand: a qualitative study.


14.  Modifying the health system to maximize voluntary medical male circumcision uptake: a qualitative study in Botswana


15.  [Post-circumcision] Tetanus in adult males, Bugando Medical Centre, United Republic of Tanzania


16.  Attitudes, Beliefs and Predictors of Male Circumcision Promotion among Medical University Students in a Traditionally Non-Circumcising Region. [Poland]


17.  Impact of Educational Interventions on Acceptance and Uptake of Male Circumcision in the General Population of Western China: A Multicenter Cohort Study.


18.  Predictors of voluntary medical male circumcision prevalence among men aged 25-39 years in Nyanza region, Kenya: Results from the baseline survey of the TASCO study.