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Saturday, 6th of October 2012 Print

Two dynamic email groups working towards 'Healthcare Information For All by 2015'

HIFA2015 is a global email discussion group with a focus on the information and learning needs of healthcare providers in developing countries. The main focus is at the local level: households and communities, primary health workers, and health professionals working in district hospital facilities. Its goal is linked with the Millennium Development Goals:

"By 2015, every person worldwide will have access to an informed healthcare provider."

(HIFA members have defined healthcare providers to include citizens, mothers and families, who provide the vast majority of health care in low-income countries, and whose early decisions and actions so often mean the difference between life and death)

CHILD2015 focuses specifically on the information and learning needs of people responsible for the healthcare of the newborn, infants and children. Its goal: By 2015, every child worldwide will have access to an informed healthcare provider. It is run by the International Child Health Group of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health, International Society for Social Paediatrics and Child Health, and Global Healthcare Information Network.

HIFA2015 & CHILD2015 are open to anyone with an interest in improving healthcare in developing countries and membership is free.

Why join?

* Be part of a worldwide community of more than 7,000 people in 167 countries dedicated to meet the information and learning needs of healthcare providers
* Learn from others
* Share your experience
* Make new contacts and collaborations
* Let others know about your interests, activities, services, publications
* Find out about funding and training opportunities, useful websites, new publications...
* Collaborate to achieve common goals

Join today:

HIFA2015: www.hifa2015.org (click on Join)
CHILD2015: www.hifa2015.org/child2015-forum (click on Join)

To post a message, email: HIFA2015@dgroups.org or CHILD2015@dgroups.org

HIFA2015 Campaign website: www.hifa2015.org

For further details, contact Neil Pakenham-Walsh, HIFA2015 Campaign coordinator: neil.pakenham-walsh@ghi-net.org


HIFA2015: Healthcare Information For All by 2015: www.hifa2015.org With thanks to our 2012 Financial Supporting Organisations: British Medical Association (main funder), Anadach Group, Chartered Society of Physiotherapists, Commonwealth Nurses Federation, European Association of Senior Hospital Physicians (AEMH), European Federation of Salaried Doctors (FEMS), Global Health Media Project, Haiti Nursing Foundation, International Child Health Group (Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health), International Clinical Epidemiology Network, Joanna Briggs Institute, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, The Mother and Child Health and Education Trust, Network for Information and Digital Access, Partnerships in Health Information, Public Library of Science, Royal College of Midwives, Royal College of Nursing, UnitedHealth Chronic Disease Initiative. We urgently require additional funding to implement the HIFA2015 strategy in full, as recommended by the recent HIFA2015 External Evaluation. In particular, we need funding to develop the HIFA2015 Knowledge Base to harness the invaluable experience shared on this forum. If you can help or advise, please contact the coordinator: neil.pakenham-walsh@ghi-net.org To send a message to the HIFA2015 forum, email: hifa2015@dgroups.org To join or unsubscribe from HIFA2015, email: hifa2015-admin@dgroups.org with your name, organisation, country of residence and brief description of professional interests. Join our sister forums: CHILD2015 (child health); HIFA-Portuguese (collaboration with WHO ePORTUGUESe network); HIFA-EVIPNet-French (collaboration with WHO Evidence for Informed Policy Network) ; HIFA-Zambia (collaboration with the Zambia UK Health Workforce Alliance)